Floor is Lava Challenge App Reviews

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Your amazing

You’re amazing

This is lane!! ;-; i’m very sorry ;-;

soooooo… First thing is…I WAS TAPING AND THE lava was very fast soooo this is a one sorry T^T ;-; ;-; ;-;🧐😅😐😰😋 Be happy sorry ;-;

The Floor is Lava is acctracting!



what a dumb app, the quality is horrible for one thing and for a second thing, this is literally so frustrating because of how many ads you get and it lacks sooo much.


Can’t stop playing!

No way !!!😏

This app is the most complicated thing to ever play. It’s way to hard.l have a headache and feel sick.

Lame and sad

Way to hard to control and u can not change ur character and all u do is jump on bars and run away from lava

So laggy

It stemmed fun at first but it is really bad it is so laggy! I really enjoyed it at first but it turns out it’s not good at all.

Not so good to me

When u reach 20 jumps it goes super quick. Too quick for me

Not what I was expecting

This is definitely not the floor is lava don't get it if your wanting a game where your jumping from c couch to couch it is so not that it's like you're in a volcano trying to get out befor the lava gets you. Def not want I was expecting. Overall three out of five not that good.


Don’t waste ur time on this game it doesn’t make sense


It’s pretty bad cuz it lags and doesn’t respond quickly enough




I am sitting here in the car and I’m bored except I don’t want to play this game because it’s boring!!!!😞 I like the interactive ads only! That’s the only reason I play it!!👎☹️ This game let me down!🙁

pretty good

it needs a revamp but initially it's pretty fun! i love that beat! someone should use it in a rap song if they already haven't (don't listen to rap music) but all in all i give it 3 stars for the music alone!




Do not get it

High level

When you get to a high level don't get to excited or else you will die and get so angry at the game

This game is trash

They don't even give you enough time plus the lava appears out of no where

By emma and brave

This game really is not fun and It is so boring and so bad☄️




I think this app is awesome... but there are a few minor bugs that can be frustrating when your really into the game. Over all this app is grate.


Great but needs some tweaks

This game is the best

It's awesome you just totally play it I play it every single day


I love this game so much couldn't be better!!!!!

It's fun I guess

It would be a lot better if the lava didn't rise so quickly and you could some distance from the lava the higher you go😐😐🍰

Great game

I freaking 🖤 this game it's awesome, it distracts me all the time but other than that it's a great game😂😙

It's a good game

I think the game is good, fast paced but I was wondering what the name of that sone is.

A good game


Pretty cool

It's lit

I love it!

I love this game! I mean, it's addicting, fun, but also keeps up with the latest trends


This game is super addicting to me! I saw this on a youtuber who does musical.ly her name is jojo siwa and I was like "I'll give the game a go." And when I played it it ADDICTED me a lot that I play it when ever I'm super bored I might even play it for a couple of hours🤣😂

Ok 🙄

The only reason I got it was all my high school friends were playing it. It was actually a huge disappointment! 😡

Great game really fun

The game was a great game fun and challenging it the best I've ever played in my life


This is so terrible that I don't even want to write anything

This game is SOO munch fun!

all I can say is this game is undeniably addicting

Challenging and hard

This game for me is pretty hard to play but i love playing "the floor is lava!"

Don't get it👇🏽

It's ok but not good it gets boring after a while!😭

I call hacks

Every iMessage I get close to my high sock or even if I am far away from my high score when I tap left it will go right but I can get going to like a score of 20ish before it does that. I love the game. It is really fun but this one problem really ruins the app when it didn't do that I would play this game daily.

Awesome but one thang

This app is great for when your bored. At furst it could be hard but then u get used to it. One thing I want you to fix that doesn't happen a lot though is when I tap it doesnt show it and the lava eats me. Besides that great game I reccomrnf it


Too cute to resist I love the game I've been playing it for like six months now and it really improved my brother played it I played it and my mom. I think

Soooo awesome but ad's

I love the game but the ads drive me and my friends CRAZY!!!!!!!we just wanna play a simple meme game that's ALL!!!!!!!we injoy the game but the ads please fix the ads!!!!


I love how you made an actual game that everyone loves into a app! The fun part is when the lava chases you! This is an addicting game!! I love it!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Best Game

This is the best game I ever ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bumbum bubbles

I love love love love love love love lo this app

Where's the $100 dollar visa gift card

Beat the game won 150 got 230 where's the giftcard


Ich mag es. Die App ist OK, direkten für Junge, tho.


It is not addicting at all I played with it for a few minutes then I got really board.The controls aren't good at all. I would give it one star if I could.

Awesome. But to much of stuff

It's awesome in all but there should be less adds the jumps on one side and more time to get up.so it's a fix up for the mess but most of its good just too many stuff to take care of it waits time so take care of the game

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